1. Getting Started
    1. Node.js
    2. Browser
  2. Working with Primitives
  3. Whats Next?

Terraformer is an open source (MIT licensed) Javascript geo-toolkit, built for the server and the browser.

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Terraformer is broken into multiple small packages to give you the functionality you need while still remaining extremely lightweight.

There are currently several packages in the Terraformer ecosystem.

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Install the core module with NPM and then require it in your Node program.

$ npm install terraformer
var Terraformer = require('terraformer');

If needed, supporting packages can be added too.


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To use the Terraformer library, include a reference to it using a <script> tag.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/terraformer@1.0.7"></script>

To utilize supporting packages, you must load their source as well.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/terraformer-arcgis-parser@1.0.5"></script>
<script src="https://unpkg.com/terraformer-wkt-parser@1.1.2"></script> 

To see Terraformer in action in the browser, check out our live demos.

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Most of the core Terraformer libray centers around using Primitives, which wrap GeoJSON objects and provide additional functionality.

You can create a new Terraformer.Primitive with any GeoJSON object.

var polygon = new Terraformer.Primitive({
  "type": "Polygon",
  "coordinates": [
      [-122.66589403152467, 45.52290150862236],
      [-122.66926288604736, 45.52291654238294],
      [-122.67115116119385, 45.518406234030586],
      [-122.67325401306151, 45.514000817199715],
      [-122.6684260368347, 45.5127377671934],
      [-122.66765356063841, 45.51694782364431],
      [-122.66589403152467, 45.52290150862236 ]

var point = new Terraformer.Primitive({
  "type": "Point",
  "coordinates": [-122.66947746276854, 45.51775972687403]

Now that you have a point and a polygon primitive, you can use many of the primitive helper methods.

// add a new vertex to our polygon
polygon.insertVertex([-122.6708507537842, 45.513188859735436], 2);

// figure out if our point is within our polygon
point.within(polygon); // returns true

You can also have Terraformer perform many geometric operations like convex hulls and bounding boxes.

var convexHull = polygon.convexHull();

point.within(convexHull); // returns true

var boundingBox = polygon.bbox(); // returns the geojson bounding box for this object.

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Start exploring all the options you have working with Primitives and the core library. Then start exploring other modules.

Terraformer GeoStore is a JavaScript database for indexing and querying large amounds of GeoJSON. You can use multiple types of spatial indexes and backing stores for your data.

You can also convert data between different formats like ArcGIS Geometries and Well Known Text. Since Terraformer is a modular framework, you can pick and choose the pieces to use in your own application.